Revolutionizing diagnostics in autoimmune liver disease with Perspectum’s quantitative imaging techniques

  • October 30, 2019

Oxford, UK; October 30, 2019. Perspectum Diagnostics is excited to unveil new data at The Liver Meeting® 2019, highlighting the diagnostic capabilities of their FDA-cleared imaging products.

Showcasing their flagship product, LiverMultiScan—new data from Asia, Europe, and North America reveals its potential to reduce the need for liver biopsies, advance clinical care and improve quality of life in patients with autoimmune liver disease (AILD) and non-alcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD).

New research employing Perspectum’s quantitative biliary imaging tool, MRCP+, demonstrates its ability to distinguish between AILD and quantitatively monitor biliary change in patients with cholestatic conditions. The combination of both products into a diagnostic imaging suite proves to be a powerful tool, capable of providing richer characterization and greater insight into hepatobiliary disease.

As a liver patient who works closely with the clinical and research communities, I think we should all appreciate the value that Perspectum’s growing body of research across liver diseases brings to advancing our understanding of liver function and the foundations for improving care.” Donna Cryer President & CEO of the Global Liver Institute

"Monitoring progression of this unpredictable disease remains a major challenge for clinicians managing PSC patients. By objectively quantifying changes in the bile ducts, MRCP+ yields additional information to conventional MRCP. PSC Support is encouraged by this technology and we hope that it can help to reduce uncertainty for patients."