Your Questions Answered: Clinical FAQ’S

  • April 23, 2020

Read our answers to frequently asked questions about LiverMultiScan. You might be wondering:

Will it be approved by insurance?

Reimbursement for an abdominal MRI may fall under clinical indications when there is evidence of advanced fibrosis, high-risk features or other clinical indications as determined by insurance providers.

What will LiverMultiScan be useful for?

LiverMultiScan can be used as a diagnostic aid for the evaluation of liver tissue health in various liver disorders characterized by accumulation of fat (e.g. NAFLD), iron overload (hemochromatosis), fibrosis or inflammation (e.g. auto-immune hepatitis, NASH) in the liver.

How long is the scan and is it longer than a normal MRE or MRI-PDFF?

LiverMultiScan includes three measures— liver fat (PDFF), iron (T2*) and fibro-inflammation (cT1). The total acquisition time in the MRI scanner is less than 4 minutes and the entire procedure (including patient preparation time) lasts up to 15 minutes. LiverMultiScan is not substantially longer than a normal MRE or MRI-PDFF examination which unlike LiverMultiScan, provides information for only one metric.

Do you scan just the liver or also other parts of the abdomen?

The procedure requires the abdomen to be scanned to ensure complete coverage of the liver. Technicians will focus the field of view on the area to be scanned and some of the tissue surrounding the liver may also be acquired in the scan. Although surrounding tissue will be imaged, metrics will only be quantified from the liver.

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