Research Network Autumn-Winter Newsletter 2022

STIMULATE-ICP Study – Long Covid

Two million people in the UK are estimated to have had persistent symptoms for more than 12 weeks following the initial coronavirus infection, with far-reaching impact on patients, healthcare and the economy.

Over 80 long COVID clinics have been established in England but we need to better understand, diagnose and treat this new disease. Inequalities in access and provision of long COVID care have already become apparent.

The STIMULATE-ICP (Symptoms, Trajectory, Inequalities and Management: Understanding Long-COVID to Address and Transform Existing Integrated Care Pathways) will deliver knowledge to clinicians and scientists, evidence to policymakers, and improved care to patients while collecting real-world data at scale.

The team spans a wide range of relevant clinical and academic disciplines including primary care and specialist services, epidemiology, mental health and health economics. Our CoverScan is included in this study which is the largest trial for long COVID to date and aims to improve diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation.

Visit the study website here.