Alcohol-related Liver Disease (ALD)

Clara suffers from Alcohol-related Liver Disease (ALD). Her diagnosis prompted her to stop drinking alcohol, allowing her to start recovery.

Clara's first LiverMultiScan® showed that her marker of inflammation and fibrosis was still in a range that indicated some damage. However, this damage was patchy, possibly indicating the beginnings of recovery. The report that comes with a LiverMultiScan shows where in the liver inflammation and fibrosis is more severe, allowing a visual assessment of liver health.

Clara says that having the LiverMultiScan "…makes me feel totally informed, aware, and… I want to keep trying because the next time hopefully… it is really quite encouraging, so it gives me the motivation to say right… I'll carry on."

Her second LiverMultiScan which was taken 11 months later showed a lower cT1 score which indicates that the condition of her liver is improving.