The world’s first quantitative imaging solution for the assessment of multi-organ tissue characteristics, function, and size using a single, non-contrast MRI scan. This noninvasive technology can support clinical decision-making by quantifying metrics from images of the heart, liver, lungs, kidneys, pancreas, and spleen.

What is CoverScan?

CoverScan is a tool for quantifying the characteristics of six different organs using a single noninvasive scan, enabling clinicians to visualize and assess multi-organ health. Referring clinicians are provided with a report of 49 metrics from multiparametric MR data for easy assessment of multi-organ function relative to reference ranges.

The information provided by CoverScan, in conjunction with other tests and clinical evaluation of the patient, may form part of a clinical decision-making pathway and enable physicians to make more informed clinical decisions for patients. Importantly, repeated analyses using CoverScan may aid clinicians to monitor patients and personalize treatments.

CoverScan is an advanced cloud-based software suite, delivered as a software as a service solution, and uses existing clinical MR infrastructure.

In the U.K., the multiparametric multi-organ imaging technology is available as a tool to aid diagnoses for patients with multi-systemic diseases such as long COVID (1) or insulin resistance (e.g., metabolic syndrome and diabetes mellitus). It has been available within the U.K.’s NHS since January 2021, under the MHRA's temporary authorization, in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. CoverScan 1.0 (Siemens 1.5T and GE 1.5T) received full UKCA clearance in May 2022.

In the U.S., CoverScan 1.0 (Siemens 1.5T scanner) has been available clinically, with FDA 510(k) clearance since May 2022.