Hepatitis C (HCV)

Seb is a 51 year old who contracted hepatitis C (genotype 1a) in 1984. He did not know he had the virus until he was diagnosed in 2014. Shortly after he was diagnosed he underwent a course of Interferon-based treatment which was unfortunately not successful. However, in 2016, he underwent successful treatment with a direct acting anti-viral medication called Harvoni®. He was given the all-clear by his physician 24 weeks after his course of treatment had finished.

Seb had two LiverMultiScan® procedures during his treatment: one in his 2nd week of treatment and one at the 8th week of treatment. Between the two treatments, the marker of inflammation and fibrosis, cT1, improved significantly and this was reflected in the liver map that accompanies a LiverMultiScan report.

Commenting on his ability to visualize his recovery, Seb said "When I had the first scan, there was a battle going on in my liver, and with the second, the virus had been cleared. The scan is very user friendly and it allows the patient to get a picture of the liver in a way that previous scans didn’t allow us to."