Primary Sclerosing Cholangitis

Emily is a 52 year old woman with Primary Sclerosing Cholangitis (PSC). She experienced acute liver failure when she was only 26 years old and received 2 liver transplants within one month; due her body rejecting the first donor liver. Her second transplanted liver then needed to be replaced after 6 years. Emily is monitored regularly by her transplant team.

Thankfully, Emily’s first LiverMultiScan® showed that her third donor liver is still healthy. All of her measurements fall within the normal ranges. This is despite her having undergone bile duct reconstruction on her current liver.

Upon receiving a copy of her LiverMultiScan report Emily said “I find that very empowering. And like I say, reassuring, and empowering that you get so much information because in the past, it’s felt like you have procedures; MRI’s and all different procedures and the report goes to the doctor and you just get given the highlights. Having something like this feels really empowering for the patient.”

Emily’s second LiverMultiScan which was taken one year later showed that her cT1 score had increased slightly but is still within the normal limits. Indicating that her third liver is still healthy