Equip your centerto lead in healthcare

Perspectum’s hepatobiliary imaging suite offers seamless integration with clinical care pathways, allowing for more efficient scans and patient access to innovative med tech.

Position your practice as a market leader

Capitalize on new MRI business with LiverMultiScan®  & MRCP+

Seamless integration and quick scans to maximize efficiency

Expand your potential for business growth

Provide your radiologists with tools to quantitatively assess liver health using cutting edge imaging technologies

  • Multiple metrics to assess organ health from a single scan
  • Highly repeatable and reproducible
  • No capital equipment purchase
  • Standardized metrics across multiple MRI vendors and field strengths
  • Rapid acquisition
  • Quantitative results

Hepatobiliary Imaging Suite

Our non-invasive diagnostic products


LiverMultiScan is a unique, noninvasive diagnostic tool to aid in the detection of chronic liver disease, delivering a precision image and a detailed, visual report, with quantitative metrics to assess liver tissue characteristics and provide a comprehensive picture of liver health.

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This ground-breaking new quantitative imaging tool uses artificial intelligence led technology to enhance MRCP images. MRCP+ creates true 3D rendered models of enhanced data and metrics to facilitate visualization and quantitative assessment of the biliary tree and pancreatic duct. 

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Business Advantages

  • No overhead for initial investment
  • Hardware or software installations are not necessary for enabled MRI scanners
  • Opportunities to create new referral patterns
  • Cost management in emerging value-based healthcare systems

Ease of use

  • Non-contrast, non-invasive
  • Referrer and patient-friendly report
  • Standardized metrics across multiple MRI vendors and field strengths


  • Confidently scan patients of all body types
  • Patient management improvements
  • Early signals of treatment effectiveness
  • Highly repeatable and reproducible


  • Cloud-based application used to facilitate secure transfer of images
  • Intuitive data presentations save time

Central Imaging Services

We receive raw images acquired by highly qualified and well-trained imaging center teams. All images are checked for quality, and every report undergoes a review process prior to return.

All images are uploaded to our secure, ISO 27001 and 21 CFR Part 11 compliant Perspectum Portal making study data and results available on a single platform with customizable access permissions.