Biotech Investors Should Consider The Four Horsemen

July 6, 2018
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"One of the keys to long-term biotech investing is finding the big winners and riding them to huge gains, writes Medical Technology Stock Letter editor John McCamant and frequent contributor."

Over the last year and a quarter, our subscribers have been enjoying incredible gains with the Four Horsemen:

  • Esperion Therapeutics
  • Madrigal Pharmaceuticals
  • Nektar Therapeutics
  • Sangamo Therapeutics

Madrigal MDGL-3196 EASL abstracts released - Abstracts for the European Association for the Study of the Liver (EASL) meeting (April 11-15) in Paris, France, were recently released. The conference features presentations relating to non-alcoholic steatohepatitis and Madrigal has been selected for a plenary session. Madrigal’s abstract detailing full MGL-3196 12-week Phase II data in NASH includes incremental updates on the significant absolute reductions in liver fat per MRI-PDFF imaging and the broad lipid and liver enzyme reductions.

The abstract is usually a placeholder. (The submission deadline was several months ago, and we expect new updates at the European meeting that will provide additional positive efficacy and safety info.)

EASL will be an important conference for Madrigal as we expect additional biomarker data and a substudy incorporating the Perspectum LiverMultiScan (MRI scan) for a read on the inflammation benefit. EASL will also be important for Madrigal as management will be able to provide more details on 3196’s outstanding potential as a best-in-class NASH drug. In our view, 3196 has already demonstrated significant lipid reductions and an excellent safety profile with a once-a-day pill. After EASL, Madrigal will deliver the 36-week liver biopsy data for 3196 in May. We expect the 36-week biopsy data to be positive, which would position Madrigal to start a pivotal Phase III trial as early as Q3:18. In our view, 3196 is the leading drug development candidate for NASH and Madrigal’s experienced management team has the right stuff to drive 3196 all the way to FDA approval and continue to create substantial shareholder value.”

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