New Clinical Study Investigates Using Integrated Diagnostics to Enable Precision Medicine for Liver Cancer Patients

July 9, 2021
Liver Disease
Nellie Wild
John Connell
Debbie Atkinson

Oxford, UK – JULY 9, 2021. Perspectum is pleased to announce that a new prospective, observational, cohort study called Precision medicine for liver tumours with quantitative magnetic resonance imaging and whole genome sequencing (Precision1, NCT04597710) is underway. Participants with primary or secondary liver cancer will be recruited from Hampshire Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust in Basingstoke. Perspectum will also partner with experts in clinical applications of genomic sequencing in patients with cancer from the University of Oxford.

In the study, Perspectum’s Hepatica® imaging technology will be integrated with clinically actionable whole genome sequencing biomarkers and digital pathology results to disrupt the cancer care pathway.

The Hepatica report provides hepatobiliary surgeons with quantitative metrics that can be employed to evaluate a participant’s overall liver health prior to surgery. Based on these quantitative liver tissue characteristics, the surgeons will assess whether to modify their participant’s existing surgical plan (Mole et al., 2020, Sethi et al., 2021). Once the participant’s liver cancer is surgically removed, Perspectum will collect and prepare the tumour tissue for whole genome sequencing (WGS) and analyse the data using the bioinformatics pipeline developed by University of Oxford.

Mr Myrddin Rees OBE, consultant hepatobiliary surgeon at Hampshire Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust, says “We are delighted to be part of this innovative study. Knowing the ‘wellbeing’ of the liver is crucial to enable us to plan liver surgery. Linking that to the genomic make-up of the tumours is likely to guide us to accurately predict which patients will benefit from surgery and how much liver tissue could be removed safely in each patient.”  

University of Oxford’s Dr Sarah Gooding says “Precision1 will investigate how AI may support clinical decision making, by integrating and scoring complex genetic, digital pathology and imaging data, in the management of liver metastases. This is a tremendously exciting blueprint for improving clinical decision making in the big data age.” Mr Rees adds “This could represent another key step towards personalised care for patients with both primary and secondary cancer in the liver.”

This study is funded as part of the Innovate UK/UKRI Data to Early Diagnosis and Precision Medicine Challenge (project number 50234).  

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Nellie Wild
VP Corporate Affairs