Perspectum and Nuance Collaborate to Scale Access to AI-Enabled Integrated Digital Care Platforms to Improve Patient Care for Metabolic Disease

November 28, 2022
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Nellie Wild

CHICAGO, IL Nov. 28, 2022 -- Perspectum and Nuance Communications, Inc., a Microsoft company, announced today at the 108th Radiological Society of North America’s (RSNA) Annual Meeting (RSNA Booth #7938) their collaboration to deliver at scale Perspectum’s integrated digital platform suite for metabolic disease care and management. This new collaboration will help accelerate adoption of Perspectum’s non-invasive quantitative multiparametric MR (Magnetic Resonance) software services across the over 12,000 US health care facilities using Nuance’s expanding Precision Imaging Network™.

“Nuance is an ideal partner to advance a new paradigm representing AI layered on images to deliver effective and accurate content for users from point of read to point of care.” said Dr. Michael Rosenblatt, Board Director of Perspectum. He continues, “The collaboration will allow nationwide access to Perspectum’s premium decision support solutions and presents an excellent opportunity to enshrine precision medicine in value-based care for metabolic disease.”

Nuance Precision Imaging Network connects radiologists, providers, health plans, self-insured employers, life science companies, and other imaging stakeholders to enable secure and seamless sharing of AI insights from diagnostic imaging to support clinical decision-making, enhance care team collaboration, and facilitate the early detection and treatment of diseases, leading to improved patient outcomes. Perspectum’s multiparametric patient scan reports deliver easy to interpret data visualizations to support early detection, diagnosis, treatment and monitoring of metabolic disease progression. Integrating Perspectum’s precision software services into the Nuance Precision Imaging Network -- along with Nuance’s cloud-based expertise -- can potentially serve ~100 million patients in the United States living with metabolic and other chronic diseases [CDC 2017].

“The Nuance Precision Imaging Network is a systematic platform that integrates best-in-class AI-powered diagnostic models, task automation, clinical decision support, and patient-centered care team communication within familiar radiology and other clinical workflows,” said Roland Dias, VP of Nuance’s Precision Imaging Network.  “Together, Nuance and Perspectum are working collaboratively to develop and deliver scalable diagnostic solutions to providers and patients across the country.”

To learn more, join us for a conversation at RSNA with Nuance, Microsoft, and Sectra titled, “From Discovery to Delivery: Integrating data with AI to bring precision therapies intro practice,” on Monday, November 28th at 1:30-2:30 pm CT, South Building, Level 1, Room S101AB. Register here:

About Perspectum

Perspectum, a global medical technology company with offices in the U.K., the U.S., Portugal, and Singapore, delivers leading digital technologies that help clinicians provide better care for patients with chronic metabolic diseases, multi-organ pathology, and cancer. With a strong focus on precision medicine using advanced imaging and genetics, our vision is to empower patients and clinicians through quantitative assessments of health enabling early detection, diagnosis, and targeted treatment. With a diverse team of physicians, biomedical scientists, engineers, and technologists, Perspectum offers a way to manage complex health problems at scale.

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