Perspectum partners in a multimillion pound research project (ID-LIVER) to help prevent patients from developing liver cancer

July 3, 2020
Artificial Intelligence
Liver Disease
Chloe Hutton
Jasmin Hounsell

Oxford, England, 3rd July 2020 Perspectum are proud to announce a new partnership to improve the lives of patients with liver disease by providing earlier and more accurate diagnoses. The collaboration with Manchester and Nottingham Universities, as well as Roche Diagnostics, GE Healthcare and Jiva.AI will accelerate development of AI solutions for liver disease diagnostics.

Patients with liver disease often have no symptoms in the early stages and may not be diagnosed until later stages of the disease when liver damage is irreversible, and the risk of cancer has increased. Early diagnosis allows patients to be treated when disease is still reversible, helping to prevent progression to liver cancer.

This project aims to save patients’ lives by enabling faster and better clinical decisions, especially at the initial stages of liver disease.  Perspectum will integrate their state-of-the-art quantitative MRI technology, LiverMultiScan®, into the Roche/GE NAVIFY clinical decision support platform to display the relevant diagnostic and patient data in a single holistic view. The combination of LiverMultiScan with AI will fundamentally change the way clinicians assess their patients’ liver health.

The project is supported with £4.4M funding as part of the Industrial Strategy Challenge Fund on Enabling Integrated Diagnostics with Innovate UK and Cancer Research UK. Neil Hanley, Professor of Medicine, University of Manchester, and Director of Research & Innovation, Manchester University NHS Foundation Trust said, “I am delighted to be working with Perspectum on this Innovate UK-funded project. Perspectum’s position as an emerging leader in liver diagnostics around magnetic resonance imaging is particularly exciting. It is rewarding to have brought the company together with global leaders like Roche Diagnostics and GE Healthcare all focused on improving clinical decision making for patients with liver disease”.

Dr Abdullahi Sheriff, Strategic Partnerships and Solutions leader at GE Healthcare UK and Ireland commented, “We are delighted to be working with the world class team from Manchester University NHS Foundation Trust and the consortium of partners on this groundbreaking project. We believe in the power of partnerships in improving health outcomes and the transformative potential this partnership has to improve the early identification and treatment of liver disease and cancers at scale in the UK.”