Press Release: 3T Radiology & Research and Perspectum Announce Partnership

April 8, 2020
Fatty Liver Disease
Liver Disease
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Leading the Charge Against One of USA’s Most Common Undiagnosed Pre-Existing Health Conditions

Dallas, Texas, April 9, 2020- Perspectum, a medical imaging company developing innovative software to improve outcomes of patients with metabolic disease and cancer, is pleased to announce a partnership with 3T Radiology & Research, a medical diagnostic imaging center in Aventura, Florida. 

Fatty liver disease is known as a “silent disease” that affects upwards of 35 percent of Americans. Often, many patients are not aware that they have it until the disease has progressed to an irreversible stage. If liver disease is diagnosed early, it may be possible to cure or control the disease. 

3T Radiology & Research will leverage Perspectum’s LiverMultiScan, a non-invasive technology that will help physicians make a more detailed assessment of their patient’s liver health. 

“Perspectum is proud to be partnering with institutions like 3T Radiology & Research to bring the best technology from around the world to patients with liver disease,” said James Hounsell, General Manager at Perspectum.

LiverMultiScan offers a highly accurate MRI-based method — using ground-breaking technology and rich visual images standardized across sites and manufacturers — to provide physicians with measures related to the amount of fat, iron, and fibro-inflammation in the liver. LiverMultiScan is delivered as a service after an activation protocol is enabled and does not require the purchase of any additional hardware. 

 “This partnership is a big leap forward in providing the most advanced technology available to our patients.  Our goal at 3T Radiology & Research is to become the center of excellence in advanced liver and body imaging. In working together through this partnership, we have created an efficient non-invasive test for our patients that will mitigate the need for an invasive biopsy. At the same time, we'll be able to answer clinical questions for our referring physicians that will guide them in treating complex liver disease,” according to Dr. Daryl Eber, Founding Radiologist at 3T Radiology & Research.

3T Radiology & Research and Perspectum are leading the charge against fatty liver disease — helping physicians identify the disease, determine the extent of liver damage, and the most suitable treatment for the patient. 

 About 3T Radiology & Research 

3T Radiology & Research is the vision of Dr. Eber, the in-house Board Certified, Fellowship Trained Radiologist and Practice Founder. He provides prompt onsite medical imaging interpretations. Dr. Eber and his team of radiologists give patients and referring physicians direct consultative access and use their medical expertise to arrive at the appropriate diagnosis.

About Perspectum 

Perspectum delivers cutting-edge digital technologies that help clinicians provide better care for patients with metabolic disease and cancer. With a strong focus on conditions that affect the liver, our vision is to empower patients and clinicians — through quantitative imaging measures that provide greater insight on liver health — enabling early detection, diagnosis, and targeted treatment.