US Clinical Network to Support Liver Disease Patient Trials

April 11, 2019
Liver Disease
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  • SC Liver Research Consortium and Perspectum Diagnostics develop major US clinical network
  • This will provide clinical trial services supporting drug development for liver disorders.

Oxford, UK, 11th April 2019. SC Liver Research Consortium (SC Liver) and Perspectum Diagnostics have developed a major US-based clinical network to provide clinical trial services that support the development of drugs for liver disorders.

This project has enabled several private clinical sites and large academic centers sites for clinical trials requiring imaging services, including in Houston, Los Angeles and Richmond. Both parties involved are experienced in assisting phase 1-3 trials, enabling high support standards. Imaging-focused clinical research services provider, Perspectum has been involved in 30 academic collaborations, with notable expertise in NASH, cholestatic liver disease and HCC, while site management organization SC Liver is an accomplished advisor in clinical development, patient recruitment and regulatory approvals.

Our collaboration with SC Liver has produced several high-performing clinical sites with well-trained imaging centers to provide a high level and quality of service for sponsors. This project also makes non-invasive liver health assessment available in further-reaching clinical trials, supporting patient recruitment and accelerating drug development,” stated Dr. Cathy O’Hare, Head of US Operations at Perspectum.

Dr. Paul Pockros, Head of SC Liver and Director of the Liver Disease Center at Scripps Clinic, also commented on the announcement: “This partnership has enabled access to important technology for investigators and facilitates the progress of NASH research.

Those institutions which have been onboarded so far include: Gulf Coast Research (Houston, TX), Cincinnati Clinical Research (Cincinnati, OH), Digestive Healthcare of Georgia (Atlanta, GA), Baylor University (Dallas, TX), Cedars-Sinai Medical Center (Los Angeles, CA), Indiana University School of Medicine (Indianapolis, IN) and Virginia Commonwealth University (Richmond, VA).