Video: An FDA-Cleared Non-Invasive Test for Liver Disease

  • April 01, 2020
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Better serve your patients. 

LiverMultiScan, a non-invasive MRI technology, helps aid diagnosis of liver disease. LiverMultiScan has demonstrated accuracy and best-in-class repeatability — giving added confidence to clinicians who are assessing changes in their patients’ liver tissue health. 

LiverMultiScan provides measures that can be used to assess a wide variety of liver disorders. It characterizes liver tissue, measuring liver fat, correlates of iron, fibrosis, and inflammation — metrics proven to correlate with liver biopsy. 

Diagnosis of liver disease relies on a range of pathological features. Currently available tests do not capture all aspects of disease progression. LiverMultiScan enables the comprehensive assessment of the liver parenchyma. 

Quick facts: 

  • Liver disease often has no symptoms until it is too late 
  • Biopsy is painful, has the risk of bleeding, and can only observe 0.002% of the liver 
  • Current diagnostic tools are limited in scope and repeatability 

Watch our video and learn how LiverMultiScan solves for limitations with current imaging modalities:

  • Contrast-free, safe scans for patient comfort that do not require physical proximity between the provider and the patient 
  • See heterogeneous liver tissue and regional variation 
  • Quick scan typically takes up to 15 minutes 

Encourage your patients to get their liver checked and partner with us today by calling our office at 1.972.803.5501 or emailing our clinical outreach team: 

Madison Wagner, Clinical Solutions Specialist 


Prof. Carlos Duncker MD, PhD, Medical Science Liaison