Company overview

Envisioning a future
of precision healthcare

Perspectum is an innovative company in the field of precision health technology delivering advanced solutions to health care providers. Our best-in-class technology is noninvasive and generates clear and understandable reports aiding clinical decision-making as well as supporting patient engagement.

A team committed to building a better tomorrow

At Perspectum, we are driven by our vision — building a better tomorrow for patients through scientific innovation. Our diverse and talented team is united behind this vision to empower patients and clinicians to better understand chronic systemic diseases, enabling early detection, diagnosis, and targeted treatment.

The journey from lab to clinical practice

Perspectum’s foundation was laid in 2012 by a ground-breaking study demonstrating the potential of multiparametric MRI to assess patients with liver disease. The start-up founded in partnership with the University of Oxford has since blossomed into Perspectum, a major player in the field of digital medical technology and diagnostics. We strive to develop and deliver cutting-edge digital technologies that help clinicians provide better care for patients with liver and bile diseases, long COVID, diabetes, and cancer, through continued collaboration with world-renowned researchers and clinicians.

Proven leadership in healthcare

Our approach to patient care draws on the expertise of the renowned physicians and scientists who lead our company. Drawing from decades of proven research and clinical experience, our team envisions a future where doctors and patients can shape personalized medical care.