See your liver like never before

LiverMultiScan provides three metrics in one single scan that represent the amount of fibro-inflammation, fat, and iron in your liver.

  • Easy-to-read report
  • No needles
  • Short breath-holds
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See how it works

An image can change everything. Learn how LiverMultiScan gives you the whole picture of liver health.


What is LiverMultiScan?

LiverMultiScan is a unique noninvasive tool offering you and your patients an easy-to-understand report to provide quantitative metrics that may empower clinicians with information to assess the current state of liver disease.

Treatments exist today that enable patients to manage and even reverse liver disease. Life-style adjustments and some additional approaches have been employed successfully. LiverMultiScan offers a comprehensive view of liver health and allows monitoring of the effectiveness of treatment.

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